Let BabyJazz's debut Album 'Time to Play', make home time - fun time!

We all know BabyJazz is all about live music classes but did you also know that we have released an Album of original tunes called 'Time to Play'? Its one of our the best kept secrets. Written and performed by Ruby Barker accompanied by the BabyJazz Family Band, which includes talented regulars Beatboxer, DavidX and Guitarist, Kim Murray 'Time to Play' takes the music from our live classes to a new level. Designed to raise the spirits and make you all feel like singing and dancing.

Album Reviews

..”This is a far better album than any of the other usual baby singing non-sense, nothing mind numbing for parents here! “

"My daughter (2.5 y.o) immediately said ‘What is it? I like it”. Perfect for morning dance, the most beautiful baby music I’ve heard so far. Definitely recommend it!"

Shop 'Time to Play'

Available for download on iTunes and CD Baby for a snatch at £7.99 it is packed with original tunes and is guaranteed to bring a smile to your little ones face and friends and family alike. We also have three singles for 0.79p each including the ever popular 'Train Is a Coming' available on iTunes.